Fathers and Sons

by sinaloa

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released July 4, 2003

recorded during winter 2003 at dead air studios by will killingsworth

mastered at new alliance studios by nick zampiello

layout by sinaloa/equivalents

CDs pressed at imprint

LPs pressed at bill smith custom records



all rights reserved


sinaloa Massachusetts

sinaloa is a band from boston, massachusetts


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Track Name: Don't Let This Tie You Down
lyrics: and on this death bed – sixty years from now will i want to live this life all over again. these last breaths, these last thoughts. these last breaths – these last thoughts spent thinking i wasted it all. months and years, working and paying, consuming each and every thought. not living for this day, but constantly for tomorrow. and when the last breath leaves the discontent will slowly consume with a life wasted on paper, market – surrounded by unfulfilled relationships and clutter. renounce tradition, the notion of how others have taught us to live. heart stops, life is fleeting, without regret.
explanation: my brother was in a troubling point in life, emotionally and monetarily. he described a dream he had to me of his life being consumed by never ending bills to pay. in a way this opened his eyes to the stress he was feeling and allowed him to reevaluate his position and what was important to him.
Track Name: Silenced Through Justice
lyrics: you tell me the same is so different, when did the same become so different, when did the same become so wrong? we live in the same houses, lead the same lives, hold the same values, yet we don’t share the same rights. words you may never hear, i take thee, i honor thee, i love thee, i do. words i’m not sure i want to hear, i take thee, i honor thee, i love thee, i do. not recognized for the life you live, not recognized for the love you give. let us be happy with despising what we don’t know, what we don’t understand, then ask questions later. dictate this lifestyle, assume the unknown, and still they will follow suit. when the dead are found and return home, still won’t be recognized. if you can’t live this way, then i don’t want to live this way. don’t ask if this is about the money, but to live how the rest live in entirety. and i’m convinced, that the foundations between you and me is the same between she and she. and i’m convinced that the foundations between you and me is the same beween he and he.
explanation: after the incidents of september 11th widows and widowers were honored by the airlines involved with the crash with a sum of money, a plaque, and ashes from the world trade center. people married, whether it be three months or three years, were recognized and their relationships were publicly made more valid than they already were. while this is a nice gesture – at the same time couples involved in homosexual relationships were never noticed – what they had built, some for more than 8 years, was not and is not given any worth to. sadly, homophobia exists at every level of our society.
heterosexuals are granted rights from the day they are born, ones that are often taken for granted. marriage and benefits that come with are just a few of them. homosexuals have never had these rights. same-sex marriage, at its current point, will never suffice until we are all equal. always question the rights you may or may not have and how it effects you and those around you.
Track Name: brendan
lyrics: letters fallen upon a scape. a character development. a scene so perfect could be further from the truth. an outlier from a normal spread makes a revolution. uprisings engage thought to many. create a deviation. make others think. make a change. make an impact. letters fallen upon a scape decypherable character development create a true perfect scene. the outlier that manufactures thought. the deviation makes a change makes an impact.
explanation: to put it simply, this song is about abmormalities. many people will tell you otherwise, but the world works because things are different. people work day in and day out to streamline and manage processes more effectively. the end result is usually a system that requires the least thought possible, as it was planned to do so. for these things to work ‘perfectly’ everything must be uniform and nothing can change. if it does, the system doesn’t work. in this song i addressed the non-’perfect’ element of the system. new things happen because certain people make them happen instead of continuing on the regular monotonous routine. at the time i wrote this i was thinking about graffiti a lot and used it for a metaphor in this song. some find graffiti to be eyesore, but when you come down to it this is an abnormality that may spark thought, whether it is positive or negative. something is sparked.
Track Name: An Aberration
lyrics: are we defined by this body? can no longer live up to these constant paper cutouts.no longer can we dance this perfect dance. how is it that you feel that you can make me feel? and when it was removed did it frighten you to look, ashamed of your image? and you with the loss, felt you weren’t living up to expectations of being a man. we are fine, have always been fine.
explanation: each day we are subjected by media driven societal set standards. in my own life i can say that i’ve fallen victim to this. i have also watched those that i love
going through hardships only to be pushed farther because of the pressures and expectations they felt weren’t being met. no one should ever have to feel that they must fit into the measurements of a larger power. by saying, “only if i could look like that person in this…(fill in any form of media),” then we are allowing someone else to decide for us what beauty is. yet, this should be the decision of the individual. it is time for each of us to redefine what we see as beauty and let our voices be heard.
Track Name: Can You Still See Me Through Your Rose Colored Glasses
lyrics: perception is a mindfuck. what defines an eight. what makes one equal one. what makes none equal none. based on what existed first. having nothing to do with what is right or what should be. time can’t be defined. it only exists in our mind as a way to satisfy human nature and our thirst for an answer time doesn’t exist existance lies within perception where light changes with the day and tradition changes with the pass of information tradition determines the future of perception.
explanation: when you come down to it, time is something dreamed up by man and cannot really be explained. time is just a perception. yes, we have minutes and seconds, but are they the same to everyone. is the same second i live the same that you live? we all percieve things, not only time, but color, ourselves, etc… how do i know when i see the color green that you are seeing the same color i saw. some of it may be physical, but i believe a great deal is carried out mentally. this song is my perception of perception.
Track Name: Pete
lyrics: hold your breath and count to ten. seperate me from you. when the flowers begin to sprout, when the flowers sink to the bottom. all connected to something larger, all reaching and grasping to you. now we wilt, we sleep for this winter. for months and weeks our guts are coming out. with and without reason. with and without connection. direct and indirect this hurts.
explanation: it’s impossible to fill a void of someone who was as close to you as a brother. the feelings spout out no matter if it was days after the loss or years later – it has been uncontrollable at times. how do we step forward to mend this, to something cannot be fixed? to find a feeling of content when it all feels so wrong? we miss you everyday – we hurt everyday.
Track Name: Ancestry is Relative
lyrics: listen. beads of sweat glisten on the brow, before the bow, of the speaker under great lights. one white in the applause does indeed pause to njoy what i so desparately want to destroy. i want those hands to stop before contact brings joy to the specific ears of their prolific boy. those ears that filter cries of the abused into unused folders of night noise. well beyond the folding chairs holding stares of idle admiration tands the army of an unheard nation. they don’t applaud. i don’t applaud. no cheers from my peers for the speaker who is showing that we are weaker and weaker and without the power to create doubt in the masses of the power of the speaker who has garnered the cheers of the masses and the fears of my peers. of america the government i am not a resident, yet i do live in the land and stand with the people. the speaker is the president, speaking and not listening. sweat glistening, escaping pores. the night noise is getting too loud to ignore. the night noise is getting too loud to ignore. power don’t listen, but through filters hear so yell and yell loud, enough to hurt their ears.
explanation: american leadership continues to be skilled at getting themselves and the citizenry to ignore dissent – thereby making the words and substance of enlightenment useless. however, they cannot ignore that the the marching drums and screams, from outside and below, exist. let’s hope that their fears are justified. this song was written out of a hope that our march and fight will someday cease en masse, in unison, and in victory – rather than in death from a national guardsman’s gun.